Zadie Eloko is a djinn of the Jann tribe from Jamaica aligned with the side of good. She is around the same age as Philippa and meets her at a Djinnverso tournament. She befriends her, but at the opposition of John. When Faustina Sachertorte presents them with a mission to stop Virgil McCreeby from opening the Eye of the Forest, she insists on going. However, at the beginning of the events in The Eye of the Forest, she becomes hyptonized by Virgil McCreeby and is tricked into thinking she loves Dybbuk Sachertorte. She creates many obstacles for the protaganists such as creating large, dangerous animals that attack them and doing McCreeby's bidding. She befriends a bat which keeps contact with McCreeby at times. However, once they reach the Eye of the Forest, she is abandoned by McCreeby and Dybbuk when she falls to the Enantodromian wish. Later, she is rescued by Nimrod Godwin and the twins, and she spends the rest of her time in Peru, teaching at a school. John also have a small crush on her.

Zadie Eloko is seen at the djinnverso tournament in the second book but does not become friends with Phillippa until The Eye of the Forest. During the tournament she was the only other good djinn there besides Philippa.

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