The Yorkshire Post is the name of Gronain's favorite newspaper which he carries around daily. It was here that John found out Bumby was the world's unluckiest city and decided to go here for his taranushi. According to the article, the town had suffered many accidents. Including but not limited to: factories charging pink dye into the river, making the landscape pink. Hospitalized resideents after eating lethally hot chili. A lady was sawed in half for real. A lion tamer was eaten by a lioness. A computer virus had started here which threatened half of the computers in Europe. A mistranslated dictionary was reprinted with Bumby's name tat mixed up being sent to the "Tower of London" weere actally sent to prison. Gold miners disappeared and did not find their fortunes. A plague of stinkbugs plagued the town.

However, after the mysterious events at Shamba-La when John read it again, he found nothing of interest there.

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