Tollesburry Marshes is a area that was used to hold English prisoners and was featured in the Five Fakirs of Faizabad . Nimrod, Philippa, and Moo visit this prison in search of the possible fakirs. Prior to their visit, Moo had captured three men who tried to sabotage Britain’s rail network, who were transferred to the prison.


It was described as a bleak, featureless area that was a culmination of waterlogged land, scattered lakes, and a sky that came out of the horizon of the water. The prisoners themselves were held in the ship the HMS Archer and were held below decks.

Mr. Weston was the prison’s governor. According to him, they are well fed and allowed to bring comforts from home. Noticeably, the prison was foul smelling and wreaked of cabbage, bleach, French fries, and despair. Even Moo had agreed and starte liberally spraying perfume.

It was used as a holding place of the three mendicant fakirs, Puri, Parvata, and Sagara. In their own cells, they slept on beds of nails, though they did not seem to mind it.

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