The Shorter Baghdad Rules was a book written by Mr. Rakshasas as a comprehensive guide to the original "The Baghdad Rules". Throughout the djinn world, he was well-known for it as it became a best-seller. It was a one-volume version of The Baghdad Rules (which was 50 volumes), but without the contradictions and inconsistencies of it. Nimrod compared the significance of this book next to the Solomon's Grimoire.

It contained interesting facts about the djinn world including the six djinn tribes. One of the things stated was the djinn's weakness is the smell of salt and tar because mundanes used them to drive djinn away. Also it stated that djinn hated loud noise and would avoid the touches of iron and steel.

The SBR recognized that there were four distinct types of beings: humans(mundanes), djinn , angels, and fallen angels, or demons. It was able to provide holograms or 3-D pictures of the things it was describing. Due to this, John recognized the image of Asmodeus when he saw him outside the train.

One of the features of the SBR was that a miniature figure of Mr. Rakshasas was summoned whenever rubbing the cover with the thing. It would provide a useful feature or the "djinn fact of the day."

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