Tartar bandits are a group of local bandits that live in the Kazakh mountains. They are known not to be unwilling to overtake others and steal, such as when they stole the flying carpet. When Philippa confronted them, they were friendly at first and demanded her to say please. However, when Philippa complied and said please, they were amused and said their fairwells.

Philippa tried to stop them, warning them that she did not want to use their djinn power. Knowing that at least one of them spoke English, she confronted the leader. However, he believed she was joking and threatened to also take her camal if she didn't comply.

When they tried to attack her with pistols, she turned the first two into Bactrian camals and the last one stopped resisting because he believed she was a Cossack devil. However, they were able to shoot at Philippa and one barely missed her head. A main issue became her new focus word which had become to time consuming to say.

Despite his lack of resistance, she turned the last one into a camal because she thought he too was reaching for a gun. When she arrived back at camp, she gave them to Mr. Bayuleev. Nimrod, however, was disapproving and wanted her to turn them into something more fit for their actions. This was hinted that it had something due to his earlier concussion.

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