Stanley Kowalski is a djinn doctor that uses his powers to help perform surgical operations on other djinn. Layla Gaunt visits him in Brazil in the beginning of The Eye of the Forest to make her look like herself again (due to the fact that she is in Mrs. Trump's body). The operation succeeds and Mrs. Gaunt regains her former appearance.

It is inferred that he works on more than just djinn since when Layla says "If I didn't know better I'd say it is magic," he replies "that's what all my patients say. If only they knew, huh?"


He is noted that he looks like Marlon Brando that appeared in "A Streetcar named Desire." (His father, Victor, created this new look for him) Beneath his dress clothes, he hardly looks like a surgeon, donning a t-shirt, jeans, and work boots.

Personality and Mannerisms Edit

For a djinn of his expertise, he is very modest and takes compliments with a shrug. While working, he is casual and conversational to his customers. It is noted that he went to school with Layla. When she receives djinnternal mail he becomes concerned, and worries for her. He believes in the motto "If you are not comfortable with yourself, change yourself until you are comfortable."

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