Sicky is an Indian tribeleader and guide to Nimrod and the twins in the fifth book. He possesses a tattoo on his stomach with a medusa-like effect that stuns his enemies, based on a wish from a djinn. At the end, becomes the tribleleader of the harsh cannibalistic natives, the Xuanaci, to try to lead them on a better path.


When Sicky first met Frank Vodyannoy when he freed him and was granted three wishes. The first of which was to ask if he was telling the truth (about being a genie), the second to have company for his expedition, and the third to have his medusa-like stomach capabilities. Frank makes statues out of the enemies he turns into stone and sells them to the highest bidder, claiming it is his sculpting abilities.


Sicky was extremely tall for an Indian, with huge hands and enormous feet. His arms, neck, and chest were covered with a variety of strange tattoos. In contrast with his rest of his body, he was also remarkable for the size of his head, which was no larger than a grapefruit or even his own fist. sicky had his head painfully shrunk and always feels sick.

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