Not to be confused with Mrs. Lightbottom

Sheryl Shoebottom is the secretary of the Bumby mayor, Mr. Higginbottom. She originally met John and Groanin in the claims that John was a wealthy millionaire/billionaire that wanted to improve the city. She was initially skeptical of this claim, and it isnunsure whether she ever believed them but she scheduled a meeting anyway.

Miss Shoebottom is one of the people that Moo and Philippa visit in the search of the fakirs. It was revealed that she is the dasa of Mr. Swaraswati and lived on 74th street. Her house was unlike any other one on the terrace, it was painted, polished, and clean. Net curtains surrounded the windows. Her doorbell rang with The Sound of Music. Coming into the home, she had a smell of perfume and air freshener. During the meeting, she was quite nervous and lifted her eyebrows and looked towards the ceiling, as if there was someone she was afraid of. Though she tried to be hospitable, she had little inclination to actually make anything for them. This is because there were two mercidant fakirs with guns upstairs. When they try to attack Philippa makes their guns disappear and turned them into animals.


Miss Shoebottom was a tall, thin woman with a long horse face and a hairstyle and mouth that looked like they were set in a plaster of Paris. She has green eyes, with bat-like eyelids and was accustomed to the ways of the town. After all, all her ancestors had come from the town. She was not surprised when Groanin had the smell of a stinkbug beneath is hat.

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