Shamba-La, formerly known as Shangri-La, is a legendary city, a earthly place of paradise in all of human mythology. It is rumored to be in Tibet, China. In its premises, time slows to a stop and its inhabitants have been there for many centuries. Nimrod first mentioned it when talking to Mr. Burton.

Prior to the series, Mr. Rakshahas visited the place on an expedition around 1935. Due to its utopian nature, it is kept a secret from most of mankind. Mr. Rakshasas had collected many books on the subject in his library. However he made a promise to its people to never reveal it, so he burnt all the books on the subject before he left.

Only one another man, James Hilton, wrote about Joseph Rock's expeditions to the place knew about the Tibetan Shamba-La. The book was titled A Lost Horizon He later left all his possessions in Israel with Rabbi Joshua.

It is located on Mount Meru of the Himalayan mountains on the legendary center of the Universe in Hindu mythology. To enter, you need someone who is genuinely content with his or her lot in life. This is the reason Philippa suggested Silvio Prezzolini and revisited him to convince him to join them.

After facing Jirjis, they visited Shamba-La in hopes that they could find the secret to healing Groanin's spirit and to increase the amount of luck in the world. Notably, here they couldn't use their djinn powers, although they felt no need to. It is also assumed that this was the reason that the surrounding area of the crater time moved slowly and people didn't age.

As for the architecture, each one of them felt it was amazing and beyond belief. Furthermore, the monks of the temple had learned telepathy and had recognized Mr. Rakshasas in his wolf form. In addition, they were able to read the minds and intentions of their guests. Despite being so high up in the Himilayas, the place felt serene and warm.

It gave off a feeling of tremendous willpower and the ability to accomplish anything. It also made John want to read all the books in its library and granted Philippa great vision without her glasses. It gave Moo away her pain and new life.

Yang Jin introduced them to the Dalai Lama that was in charge of the place. To their complete surprise, the person she was referring to was Mr. Rakshasas, whom had previously only left to teach Layla and Nimrod.

To help them, Mr Rakshasas had led them to a room that looked like a mandala. By turning the floors and the circles, he was able to use the gravitational lensing effect that was predicted by Einstein to turn back time before any of the events ever happened. However, to prevent any of the events from repeating themselves, Moo, Mr. Burton, Silvio, and Mr. Rakshasas all stayed in Shamba-La.

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