A Sekhem Scepter

Sekhem scepters are scepters that are usually used by the Egyptians to honor the Egyptian god Osiris. They were also used as the place Akhenaten kept his djinn servants in as his source of power.

During the present-day events of first book, several sekhem scepters were stolen in the museums in Egypt by the Ifrit to find out if they were hollow and contained the Lost Djinn. However, they did not find what they were looking for. There are only a few museums around the world that contain the lost scepters: being Cairo, the Metropolitan, and the British Museum. With Philippa's suggestion that the scepters were hollow, they traveled back to London and found the djinn in a Sekhem scepter featured in the British Museum. In order to help him identify the scepter, the Lost djinn created a crack in the one they were hidden in, almost identical to the one in John's bedroom. John freed them after them taking an oath of using their powers for good.

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