Samael or Sam, was the angel that Groanin fought in the catacombs in Malpensa, Italy as part of the rescue mission to reunite Faustina Sachertorte's body with her spirit. Samael refused to allow them to take her body with them unless they could beat him in a fight. He used his powers to transport them from the catacombs to the Madison Square Garden. While there, a crowd was cheering for him, as he was the "good guy". He wore a cape combined with the standard uniform of a wrestler. Groanin eventually triumphed over Samael with his new arm that John, Dybbuk, and Philippa granted him.

External referencesEdit

Samael may be reffering to this angel recognized as an important figure in Talmudic and post-Talmudic lore of the same name. [1]

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