Rudyard Teer was the djinn son of Iblis, brother of Jonathan and half-brother of Dybbuk.

Rudyard was first seen at the international junior Djinnverso tournament, having an argument with Zadie Eloko. In addition, he would not even speak to Philippa Gaunt because he held her responsible for what happened to his father. During the tournament he would have someone else speak to her to tell her his intentions. However, he was not very composed and swore openly at other people.

In the fourth book, he became implicated in his father's plan to take over the universe. When they arrive at the Metropolitan musuem he is able to cast an adligare on both Groanin and Nimrod. In the process, he activates the Terracotta warriors which absorb Mr. Rakshasas.

Afterwards, he appears again when his father attracts souls for his Jade pyramid. He captures Groanin and Nimrod once again and taunts them with his words. However eventually He suffered the same fate as his father, and became trapped in a suit of jade and gold in the fourth book by Kublai Khan.


Rudyard has a malevolent personality and is shown to be easily angered. Though he finds pleasure in triumphing over his opponents, he becomes irritable when his efforts are undermined. Like his father, he shows no qualms about doing evil for the sake of evil and does not show remorse when his half- brother, Dybukk is drained of his powers.

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