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Philippa Gaunt






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Philippa Gaunt is one of the two protagonists in the Children of the Lamp series. She is the twin sister of John Gaunt. Philippa is shorter with red hair and wears glasses, like her father. She prefers to be called Phil, rather than Philippa. Like her brother John, she is claustrophobic and dislikes loud noises. Philippa is described as the more intellectual one; this was seen with her quick skill of telling lies to Miss Pickings, allowing herself to successfully remove Gordon Warthoff's pimples, and is an expert Djinnverso player. In "The Blue Djinn of Babylon", she is kidnapped by her maternal grandmother, Ayesha. It's revealed that Philippa was used as a key to get Layla Gaunt to usurp the role as Blue Djinn. Her focus word is FABULONGOSHOOMARVELISHLYWONDERPIPICAL, the longest one in the series (with the exception of John's discrimen). She has no idea that Dybbuk likes her, but she is shown to have a sense of affection for him as she tries to rescue him in the The Eye of the Forest.
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