Palis the Footlicker is an evil djinn that traveled with Iblis Teer. His tounge is rough as to remove the skin of a foot and then he drinks the blood. Palis drinks some of Baksheesh's blood as part of the blackmail of his father to Iblis's demands. In this case, he only drank some of Basheesh's blood as to remove the poison from it.

Palis is a tall, thin figure who usually moves around life quietly. His skin was deathly pale and eyes are like the water from a very deep well. When Iblis was captured, he immediately abandonned the cause and was described by Nimrod as a cowardly djinn.

Once again he is seen in The Blue Djinn of Babylon at the Djinnverso tournament There, he and Nimrod exchanges a series of insults. But he breaks the rules and threatens John. He is forced to apologize and bow or face the wrath of the Blue Djinn of Babylon.

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