The Hanging Palace of Babylon is the the palace of the Blue Djinn. Every year, until January 31 the Blue Djinn hardens her heart. This happens through the Tree of Logic. The air is then filled with pollen from the tree, which results in the hardening of the heart.

The hanging palace of Babylon is the present-day Iraq. Where the main entrance is located is not known, but there is a secret entrance under the tower of Babel. Through a maze with various mental afflictions arrives at the Iravotum.

The original palace was built by King Nebuchadnezzar but the current blue djinn can transform the palace into anything she desires. Ayesha Godwin did not care much for the original palace's look so she changed it to look like the Osborne house instead. During this time, she also created the palace's invisible servants whom help maintain the palace.

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