Otis Barstool was the husband of Melody, and was from the small city of Poughkeepsie, New York. They John and Philippa met him on the airplane to London. He, along with his wife, disappeared from the British Airways Boeing 747 while it was still in flight. Both of them, who were in their seventies, later commented on national television that they had mysteriously returned home after wishing to be there and gave credit to God for the miracle.

He is slightly larger than his wife and had a "rushmore-like head" with a body tghat looked like a sixth or seventh chin. Despite his physical appearance, he was friendly to both of the children and put on a warm smile to bring comfort to them even though he was scared of the trip himself. Throughout the trip, he started hiccuping and looked like he had the desire to throw up. Taking up a conversation with Philippa, he tells her that he wishes he was back in Pougheepsie. Unbeknown to Philippa at the time, she grants this wish through subconscious wish fulfillment.

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