Nimrod Godwin


Nimrod Godwin


John Gaunt, Philippa Gaunt, Layla Gaunt, Groanin, Mr. Rakshasas, Creemy

Nimrod Godwin, frequently referred to in the books as Uncle Nimrod, is the uncle of John and Philippa Gaunt and younger brother of Layla Gaunt, he is a powerful djinn and his focus word is QWERTYUIOP. Since Layla has forsworn her djinn powers, he is the leader of the Marid tribe - one of the good Djinn tribes, which works to bring good luck to the humans of the world - by default. Mrs. Gaunt was once the leader, but Nimrod replaced her when she gave up using her powers for love. He frequently smokes large cigars, which do not harm him because he is a djinn. He is extremely eccentric.

He lives in a large house in London, but owns a small estate in Cairo, the capital of Egypt. He sports a wardrobe composed almost entirely of red suits.

John and Phillipa first meet Nimrod in a dream, in which he transported himself in their subconscious minds during the extraction of their wisdom teeth (the early growth of which is very natural for a djinn). He convinced them to come to London, to stay with him for the summer. Once in London, Nimrod explained to them their true heritage as djinn. He then began training them in the use of their djinn powers, with assistance from a fellow djinn, Mr. Rakshasas.

Convinced something evil was happening in Egypt, Nimrod, John, and Phillipa traveled there and discovered a plot to gain control of 70 powerful djinn. During this adventure, John and Phillipa encountered the evil Iblis, and were saved by Nimrod.

Nimrod's close associates include his one-armed butler, Mr. Groanin, his Egyptian usher Creemy, and his close Djinn friend Mr. Rakshasas, who spends most of his time in a bottle and is transported by Nimrod. Nimrod has a wife, Alexandra.

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