Nightshakes is Mr. Vodyannoy's home in New Haven, Connecticut. It is known for being haunted and has a large selection of talking boards, which are connected to the spirit world. There is a curse placed on it, requiring the owner to never stop expanding it. When Mr. Vodyannoy bought the house there were thirteen rooms, now there are one-oh-three. Grace was lost for several years in the mysterious east wing of the house and was not found until John explored it. In the east wing, there are doors that lead to nowhere and ones that lead to open air. The large magical nature of the house can cause a person to get lost easily, even a djinni.


  • There are thirteen cupolas, thirteen passages, thirteen windows, which have thirteen panes, with the stairs to have thirteen steps in the house.
  • Mr. Vodyannoy suggests that this was the city's "loony bin" before he bought it.
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