Mrs. Trump


Mrs. Trump




Philippa Gaunt, John Gaunt, Edward Gaunt, Layla Gaunt

Mrs. Trump is the Gaunt family's housekeeper and cook. She is a very kind lady and continued to work for them even after she won over thirty three million dollars in the lottery. At one time, she was a beauty queen and had the newspaper clippings to prove it. It was her dream to go visit her two daughters in Europe but never had the funds until after winning the three million dollars won through one of Philippa Gaunt's subconcious wishes.

After Mrs. Trump won the lottery she bought a famous apartment on 72nd street next to where John Lennon used to live. While she was at the Gaunt residence, she hired a cleaning lady, Miss Pickings. However Miss Pickings often neglected her duties and came only to watch TV and drink coffee. Mrs. Trump was afraid to fire her, but she quit due to help from John and Philippa.

While taking care of Mr. Gaunt, Mrs. Trump falls into a serious coma and goes to the hospital. Despite the doctors best efforts, they are not able to wake her up. When Layla Gaunt loses her body, she possesses Mrs. Trump (with her permission) in order to be with her family. This allows both of them to still be with the family in a mutualistic relationship, one as the host and the other enabling activity. Notably, after this other members of the family didn't know whether to call her as "Layla" or "Mrs. Trump."

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