Mrs. Coeur de Lapin is the wife of a French diplomat and neighbor of Nimrod Godwin in Cairo. She visits Cairo the same time the twins arrive in Egypt. Her own children are are already adults living in France, which she uses to explain her attachment to John and Philippa. Iblis Teer impersonates her in order to entrap the twins. She is an exotic, outgoing woman, though she is only seen when she is possesed by Iblis so her true personality may not have been revealed at all.


She is described as a tall, elegant looking woman with blond hair and flawless skin. When the twins met her, she wore a long, thin purple dress, green scarf, and a black-and-greenish-gold headband.


Her last name, lapin, is french for rabbit. Iblis let the word rabbit slip when he gave it to Hussein Hussaout as a binding for Nimrod. As a result, Nimrod was able to clue in that Iblis was controlling Mrs. Coeur de Lapin.

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