Mr. Swaraswati is one of the Fakirs that appear in the sixth book. He was one of the original Fakirs that were told the secrets of the universe by the Tirthankar of Faziabad.

When he was younger, Mr. Rakshasas used to be his butler though his presnese as a djinn is never revealed since he questions Philippa on her ability to grant three wishes.

He comes out of being buried alive (six feet to be exact) for one thousand years and meets Nimrod, Moo, Mr. Rajshasas and the twins. As is expected for someone separated for so long, he is surprised to see new techognolical marvels but catches on and helps the twins in their quest.

It was partly because of him that Jirjis Ibn Rajmus wanted to change the world's luck so badly in the first place.
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