Mr. Blennerhassit is the father of Brad. He is known for his heists of museums, but he has never been caught, not even once. After seeing Dybbuk's skill in thievery, he asks him to help him go to military musuem and swap a baton once belonging to Herman Goering with a fake one. According to his drawings, they contain valuable articles inside. They go to Europe and stay in a hotel, where at night Dybbuk easily steals the baton. After the night in the museum, Dybbuk returns to the hotel, much to the relief of Mr Blennerhassit. They open it and find that it actually contains several Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raphael sketches. Together they would fetch a price of about 75 million dollars. But Dybbuk only wants a much more recent painting in it that is only worth fifteen hundred dollars. Mr. Blennerhassit agrees to let him have it. Brad and his father get killed by king cobras when some intruders come into their house. They let the snakes bite, then and offer them some anti-venom if they tell them where the Company picture is. Mr Blennerhassit tells them that Dybbuk has it, but the intruders let them die anyway. Before they were killed, Mr. Blennerhassit learns that Hyman Strasberg, the maker of the fake baton is also dead due to snake bite. Dybbuk escapes to Bannerman's Island and waits there until John receives his email and comes to help him.

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