Miss Glumjob is Ayesha Godwin's servant in the Palace of the Blue Djinn. After working for her for her lifetime, it is Miss Glumjob's wish to go back out in the world and use the three wishes that she obtains from Ayesha. Djinn magic from the Tree of Logic keeps her young even though she has been there longer than a normal human's life span. She takes care of Philippa Gaunt when she is in the Palace.

Ayesha dies before she fulfills any of Miss Glumjob's wishes. When Layla Gaunt becomes blue djinn, she grants her three wishes and sends her back to her home in Grenville, North Carolina.


She is from the southern part of the United States in the 1800s and has been working for Ayesha since she became the blue djinn. She originally asked for a salary, in the thousands, which was worth alot at the time. Her juice that she makes contains properties of the Tree of Logic which helps make Philippa forget her family.

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