Mimi de Ghulle is a djinn belonging to the Ghul tribe. One of her goals is to become the Blue Djinn of Babylon. While polite on the outside, she is plotting to overturn the Blue Djinn's power. At the Djinnverso tournament, though she is friendly to Nimrod and Mr. Vodyannoy, she shows clear animosity towards Philippa by shooting her looks. She hires a reporter Montana Retch, who is actually a djinn tracker, to eliminate Philippa Gaunt, so that she would be the only candidate for the post of Blue Djinn. Mimi is the mother of Lilith de Ghulle, whom she shows alot of pride in.

Interstingly, she is also friends with Virgil Macreeby and it is because of her that he can afford to live in his lavish home. In exchange he showed her the Bellini Scrolls in order to attempt to become the blue djinn.


She wears a fur coat, large earrings and a expensive leather handbag. She also has large lips and had plastic surgery for her nose that made it too small for her face. Overall, Philippa notes that she "looked like a skull".

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