Maurice Larr is John and Philippa Gaunt's dentist. He was the first to discover their wisdom teeth had grown and suggest having them removed. Afterwards, He told them that they were probably the youngest children to get their wisdom teeth pulled out. He has a very friendly and outgoing attitude. In addition to dentistry, he enjoys playing tennis and has played several rounds with Mrs. Gaunt, who calls him Mo. 

Dr. Larr has glasses, a beard, and always wore a kind smile. He and practiced dentistry in New York City on his office Third Avenue. He was fond of saying Mmm-hmm" and was accustomed to working with children and is likely a children's dentist.


  • Since his last name is Larr, and his nickname is Mo, than he could be called Mo Larr, which is probably a reference to the kind of teeth called molars.
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