Marion Morrison is a djinn nurse who comes to the Gaunt's house in an attempt to cure Mr. Gaunt. Doctor Morrison uses a Bonsai tree's dirt in combination with djinn saliva to heal his senses.

Likewise, she took care of Mr. Rakshasas's body after he was absorbed by the Dong Xi, though she presumed him dead. Surprised to see Mr. Gaunt waling, she was the first to greet Layla after she returned from Palace of the Blue Djinn because took the body of Mr. Gaunt.

Jenny Sachertorte describes her as an eremite, one who dedicates her life to helping others, and is often not involved in the tribal conflicts.

Appearance and MannerismsEdit

Marion Morrison was described as tall, fat, old woman with a husky voice. She had short reddish-grey hair that resembled "steel wool". She wears a red shirt, tan pants, a leather vest, and cowboy boots.

Her mannerisms are similar to one of a western cowgirl as she greets them with "howdy." She prefers being called M. or Doc rather than Marion and is noted for her exotic clothing.


Unlike other djinn, she does not seem to be concerned about conserving her djinn power. When she walks in the first time, her hands crackled with blue flame and destroyed the bacteria that was on them. The flame was strong enough to singe her own shirt cuffs. According to her it is the only sure-fire way to get rid of germs and it felt unatural for her to go near water as a djinn.

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