The Marid are a tribe of good djinn that try to counter the effects of the evil djinn. They are one of the leaders of the good djinn and are direct rivals of the Ifrit tribe. Layla Gaunt was the leader of the tribe until she stepped down because she foresworned the use of her powers. Afterwards, her brother, Nimrod Godwin took the place as the temporary leader of the tribe. Compared to the other tribes of djinn, Nimrod explains that they are the fewest in number but are the "most formidable."

Customs Edit

The Tammuz is one of the ancient rituals done by the Marid tribe when first gaining their Djinn powers. John and Phillippa preformed this in The Akhenaten Adventure.

The taranusi is another ritual of the Marid which celebrates The victory of the first djinn: Taranusi over a wicked djinn. A young Marid must grant 3 reasonable wishes to a mundane, and justify his/her choice to a panel of the tribe council. If they find the man who got 3 wishes unworthy, the djinn will lose his powers for a year (by a djinn binding).

Special AnimalEdit

The special animal of the Marid tribe is the camel. Members of the Marid can stay in the camel form with no time limitation.


Jade and copper are both weaknesses of the Marid and can be used to create a djinn seal against them. When they are subjected to djinn power, a Marid who touches it may find him or herself bound by it's power.

Known DjinnEdit

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