An illustration of "Manco Capac" as the first Incan king

Manco Capac was an ancient egyptian djinn that lived hundred of years ago. He and his three brothers and four sisters left Egypt to find another country to live in. They arrived in what is now modern-day Peru. Secretly, he decided to make himself a great king, a god among the Incas. To achieve these goals, he turned his brothers and his oldest sister into solid-gold statues and married his other sisters. Claiming to be descended from the Incan sun god, Inti, he made himself as lord of the valley. He conquered the other native tribes with djinn power and became known as Manco Capac, in which Capac meant "warlord." Cuzco, his capital city, was located at a height of 11,500 feet. Because djinns can lose their powers at cooler tempratures, Manco's powers slowly deserted him. Howeber, back then, it was not understood how the sun gives djinn power, so Manco assumed the sun god was angry with him. As a result, he summoned several Incan priests to Paititi and preformed a special ritual to honor the sun god, which he believed would restore his power. It was said that his powers were restored and the number of gold objects in the kingdom increased again. Even so, Manco became very sick and near death. In his final hours, he told the Incas that if they should ever need him, he would return to destroy the enemies of the Incas in the great destruction called the Pachacuti. Manco was released by John through a talking board.
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