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Where is Shamba-La?

And what is it's secret?

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Where could this lead

Certainly not to the spirit world...

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Warning: Do not approach. If seen, run away immediately.

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Meet the mastermind behind the Children of the Lamp covers.

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Nimrod Godwin, frequently referred to in the books as Uncle Nimrod, is the uncle of John and Philippa Gaunt and younger brother of Layla Gaunt. Due to his sister foreswearing the use of djinn power, he is now the leader of the Marid tribe by default. Prior to the start of the first book, he had maintained a distant relationship with the family because that Layla had wanted to keep the twins out of the djinn world. However, as things began to unravel in the Akhenaten Adventure, keeping them out would prove to be impossible.

He lives in a large house in London, but owns a small estate in Cairo, the capital of Egypt. He sports a wardrobe of complete red. Read More...


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TrisalxD TrisalxD 7 May



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Vsharp Vsharp 31 March 2020

A subreddit!

So, I decided to create a subreddit for this amazing series(in which I'm currently in book 5). Join in to discuss some interesting stuff about it, post fanfic/fanart, and bring the djinn together.


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Art of erebus Art of erebus 11 February 2013

Fanart Part 1

So... these'd be my first five fanarts for CotL... we have Iblis Teer (top left,) Layla (Godwin) Gaunt (top right,) Lilith de Ghulle (bottom left,) Dybbuk "Buck" Sachertorte (middle right,) and Zadie…

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