Lupuna tree

The sacred lupuna tree in the Amazon rain forest

A Lupuna tree is a sacred tree to the djinn. According to Faustina, due to the logging of the South American rainforest they have slowly been disappearing. In addition to global warming, the cutting down of the trees have stopped the djinn from using their whirlwinds. In The Eye of the Forest, as a side mission, Faustina sent them to plant more lupana trees and to protect them. These accelerated-growth trees would, in 10 years, make it safe to ride whirlwinds again. Philippa suggested that they were made invisible to stop humans from cutting them down and also used to protect the Eye of the Forest. While leaning on the lupuna trees, it gave John some of its knowledge. Through these visions, he is able to untie the knots to the Eye of the Forest and rescue the others from the mummified Indians. At the end of their mission, Nimrod plants accelerated growth lupuna trees made by Faustina near the Eye and makes them invisible so loggers can't cut them. When they grow up tall in a few years (they grow 10 times as fast as other lupunas) whirlwind travels become safe again.
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