Liskeard Karswell du Crowleigh is the bottle imp and librarian in Mr. Rakshasas' lamp. He is venomous and has the unpleasant taste for rotting animal flesh, which means that his teeth and gums were covered in lethal bacteria and his breath smelled terrible. Liskeard wears a neat gray suit and has vaguely human ways, but he mostly resembles a monitor lizard.


Liskeard himself was a former sorcerer. Many years ago he tried to steal the synopados, the soul mirror of a wicked djinn. The bining later turned him into the imp he is now. Even after his death, he was loyal to Mr. Rakshasas and respects him greatly. Liskeard enjoys reading and has read many books including the books that Mr. Rakshasas had burned about Shangri-La.

After Rakshahas's deathEdit

Due to events involving the Chariot, Nimrod had to visit the inside of Mr. Rakshahas's bottle. Inside, when he wished for the books Liskeard arrived in front of him. When Nimrod asked what happened to the books, Liskeard replied that he was obligated to burn them. Later, a self-recording made by Mr. Rakshashas himself was activated and was transmitted through Liskeard showing Nimrod how exactly to get to Shangri-La. Though Nimrod offered him three wishes, he declined them on the basis that he is happy the way he is serving as a bottle imp.

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