Lilith de Ghulle is the daughter of Mimi de Ghulle and is a member of the Ghul tribe. She is around the same age but slightly older than Philippa and first meets her at a Djinnverso tournament.

Lilith the Ghul looked like almost an exact copy of her mother. She even took after her by wearing the same fur coat and the choice of hand-bags. Although they were alike, Philippa described the resemblance as "not appealing" and compared it to the same way dogs take after their owners.

Unlike her mother, she is not reserved in showing her feelings towards Philippa. She displays an arrogant attitude around others and tells Philippa to go back to "play with her dolls" when she meets her at the djinnverso tournament.

When Philippa is disqualified, Lilith wins once again, retaining her title as junior djinnverso champion.


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