Leo Politi was the Ka servant of Dendur. He was responsible for serving the spirits, the "Ka", of those who entered the temple. He helped guide John and Mr. Rakshasas to Bannerman's island through the Spirit World to find Faustina's spirit.

When the spirits in the world are being absorbed by the Dong Xi, he feels pity for them even though he is unable to be absorbed in his form.

Since he was the only spirit able to be contacted, he acted as an medium when he was contacted b Madame Sofi. He guided Faustina and John back trhough the gates of the Spirit World. Afterwards, John promisced to help him be released from his position as Ka servant. This wish is later furfilled by the great Khan.


Leo is described as a fat, balding little man with bad stumpy teeth, a squeaky, foreign sort of voice, and wearing a rather dirty white suit. He is a greek from Cyprus and quite knowledgeable about the spirit world.


Leo went to Egypt to negotiate a contract to supply Turkish delight to the Egyptian royal family but on his day off, he went to see a temple and, because he was bored, carved his name on the wall. But to do so, he had to erase the hieroglyphs of an important Egyptian priest who turned out to be the previous Ka servant of the temple. This condemned Leo to replace him for eternity.

Originally, Leo was from Cyprus in Greek and he has only been deceased since 1872, less than 150 years.

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