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Philippa Gaunt, John Gaunt, Uncle Nimrod, Edward Gaunt, Mr. Rakshasas, Jenny Sachertorte

Layla Gaunt is a djinn of the Marid tribe and is the mother of John and Philippa Gaunt. She is also the sister of Nimrod Godwin and the daughter of Ayesha Godwin. Her husband is Edward Gaunt. She is dark-haired with the magnificent physique of an athlete, and stands more than six feet tall in her bare feet. Her focus word is NEPHELOKOKKYGIA.

The day Alan and Neil(Edward Gaunt's brothers) tried to murder Edward Gaunt for his money, Layla stepped in the way and turned them into Rottweilers. Once this happened, she agreed with Edward not to use her djinn power ever again and tried to raise their children as normally as possible. This all changed when Nimrod Godwin intervened from sending them to Alembic House developing abilities and Layla seems to have significantly improved her relation with Nimrod after many years of disconnection.

She breaks her forsworn promise not to use djinn power to protect Philippa from the djinn tracker Montana Retch. From then on, she was released from her promise and again became active in the djinn world.

Layla was briefly the Blue Djinn of Babylon until Faustina Sachertorte replaced her. She replaced the Hanging Palace with a house called Fallingwater that was her dream house. Fallingwater hung over a waterfall. Layla's heart hardened as a result of the Tree of Logic. On the way home, she was hit by the ashes of an volcano which destroyed her body. Because of this, she had to take control of Mrs. Trump, their house keeper's body. During the twins' adventures in The Eye of the Forest, she went to Brazil to the djinn doctor to make her look like her old self again.

When Edward is kidnapped, she goes after him only to find that she is trapped, her spirit sucked up by an exorbere. This time, it is Edward that saves her from oblivion. She thanks him and turns his druid kidnappers into exotic animals.

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