Jonah Damascus was the croucher demon guarding Ayesha Godwin's residence, the Villa Fledermaus, at Number 1 Amon Goeth Strasse. Upon approaching the mansion, he attacked John Gaunt and would have bitten him if Nimrod Godwin had not placed a piece of bulletproof glass between John and the demon with his djinn power.


As a demon, his body was mostly black and shaped like a hyena. He had high sturdy shoulders and lower hindquarters The head was half-human with rounded ears and over sized teeth.

When he hit the bulletproof glass, he was transformed into human form. Then he wore a neat dark suit, a bow tie, and a pair of yellow gloves.


He was short, had a high pitched voice and spoke in fluent German. Later after returning to his human form, he was much friendlier and Nimrod helped him up, where he introduced himself. Apart from telling them the official procedure to contacting the Blue Djinn, he said that he drove the blue djinn to the Berlin airport.

He is the butler, gardener, handyman, security guard, and chaffeur of the blue djinn.

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