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John Gaunt


John Gaunt






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John Gaunt is one of the two main characters in the Children of the Lamp series. He is also the twin brother of Philippa Gaunt. John is described as tall and dark. Like most djinn, he is claustrophobic but as seen in "The Akhenaten Adventure", John panics more than Philippa does (without the charcoal pill). He has a strong dislike to vegetables, as revealed in "The Blue Djinn of Babylon". He is quite athletic, and acquired more strength in the second book in order to fight off a bully physically. During the second book, John faces numerous obstacles, including having to kill a very real looking projection of his own father, in his efforts to save Philippa. His focus word is ABECEDARIAN . When he meets Faustina in book three he immediately falls for her. In the last book of the series, John's djinn power is burnt out and he is currently human/mundane/boring/muggle.


Philippa GauntEdit

Philippa Gaunt is the twin sister of John Gaunt. Philippa is shorter with red hair and glasses, like her father. She prefers to be called Phil, rather than Philippa.

Faustina SachertorteEdit

Faustina Sachertorte is the sister of Dybbuk and the current Blue Djinn of Babylon. John also has a crush on her and like lol u know .

Layla Gaunt Edit

John and Philippa's mother. She is also a Djinn.

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