Jenny Sachertorte is a djinn doctor and the mother of Faustina Sachertorte and Dybbuk Sachertorte. Throughout her life, she tried to protect Dybbuk from the evil influences of Iblis Teer and shielded him from this knowlege. She has a health center in Palm Springs, but most treatments that she has developed are for Djinn. The twins first meet her in the second book where she arrives to help them with their cold-weather conditions. Mrs. Sachertorte has long, wavy, shiny black hair and had a more obvious glamour than Layla Gaunt. Jenny's ex-husbands are Iblis Teer and Mr. Sachertorte.

Two of her remedies for coldness include leviators and salamander stones that help djinn from feeling torpid. She helps the twins recover from their illness when their Neshamah was weakened by the cold New York weather. She and Dybbuk live in Palm Springs, along with Colin.

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