Izaak Balayaga is the djinn appointed by Ayesha Godwin to guard Solomon's Grimoire. Despite this, he himself believes that she is getting too old and is beginning to lose her powers as he told John prior to the Djinnverso tournament.

Before the tournament began, he switched the djinn power detection crystal with a fake one. During the Djinnverso tournament, he took control of Philippa's body and told everyone that she cheated, although of course everyone thought it was Philippa.

On Ayesha's orders, Izaak pretended he stole Solomon's Grimoire and proceeded to bind John and Philippa with a binding she gave him (also from the grimoire). This was from a threat that if he didn't do as she said, he would be sent to Venus for 10 years like Iblis Teer.

He created an illusion of Asmodeus to try and trick the twins and try to make them believe the demon was chasing him. However Nimrod was later able to see through his ruse.

Later he hid in the House of Kafur, fearing the wrath of Philippa after she became the Blue Djinn, and the vindicta of her relatives, particularly John and Nimrod. Much to his distaste, John forgave him but punched him in the nose and told him never to do such a thing again.

His focus word is HADROQUARKLUON.

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