Ishtar was the first Blue Djinn of Babylon. She never made the choice between good and evil, which her successors followed in example. All djinn learned to respect this and the role of the blue djinn became useful to both sides. In time, she was able to lay down the law for all six tribes.

King Nebuchadnezzar built the Ishtar Gate in Babylon in her honor, but also built himself a magnificant palace. This angered Ishtar because he built himself a palace greater than her own palace. After conquering the greatest djinn of the ancient world, King Solomon, Nebuchadnezzar destroyed Jeruselam and stole the Solomon's Grimoire. The Hanging Palace of Babylon was built in Ishtar's honor in order to make up for his deeds. But when he removed the gold from her palace, he was turned into a sheep.

Ishtar was even famous in the human world. In her time, Ishtar was regarded as the goddess of heaven and people went to the Ishtar gate to worship her. Her symbol is marked on the gate, the symbol of the lion.

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