Ravioli Poussin was one of the people that Philippa Gaunt meets in the Palace of the Blue Djinn. He is an Ifrit, who tells Philippa that Ayesha has inflicted upon him an punishment where he is obliged to wear an iron mask forever. Like a helmet, this mask is attached to a metal collar around his neck and padlocked. This, of course, is nothing more than a deception designed to get Philippa to open his bottle, which is covered with sharp spines and nearly impossible for Philippa to open. He is in one of the hidden rooms of the palace of Babylon, in the gardens. In actuality, the Ifrit's punishment was to be confined to the spiny bottle, without use of his djinn power, with one book: The Man in the Iron Mask. Upon his release, Mr. Poussin tells Philippa that he has read The Man in the Iron Mask more than one hundred times, so that he is able to recite the entire book by heart. Philippa finds herself in a tight spot, and cleverly bluffs Mr. Poussin into allowing her to tell him a story. Philippa's story continues until Ayesha arrives, and gives Ravioli Poussin an even more severe sentence, which is to read The Man in the Iron Mask over and over again for the rest of his life. The next time Philippa sees Mr. Poussin, he is in the midst of a reiteration of the story, as the text of the book seems to be the only words allowed for him.
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