Iblis is a member of the Ifrit tribe of djinn, who spread bad luck. In the first book, The Akhenaten Adventure, he tried to obtain the Seventy Lost Djinn of Akhenaten, going great lengths, including killing Hussein Hussaout, in order to do so. As part of his ruse, he impersonated Mrs. Coeur de Lapin by taking possession of her body. He tricked the twins and trapped them against their will. However, it was a part of a greater plan by Uncle Nimrod. Soon, he was captured himself and sent for judgment.

Iblis was punished for killing Hussein Hussaout by Ayesha Godwin, the Blue Djinn of Babylon, in the second book by sentencing him to Venus for 10 years.

However in the third book it is revealed that the container with his spirit was stolen. His body was torn apart by djinn tigers and he possesses a new body, one of a magician, Adam Apollonius. With this new power, he tries to influence his son Dybbuk to join him but afterwards tricks him into using all his powers.

In the fourth book, he comes up with the plan of using the Jade Pyramid to absorb all the spirits of humans and djinni and use it as part of his massive plan to create a Enantodromian wish to make all good wishes turn bad. As part of the plan, he power and gather spirits as part of his jade pyramid. Taking the alias of Adam Apollonious, he stealthily tricks Dybbuk into thinking he will be famous, but in the process Dybbuk loses all his powers. Fortunately, Nimrod and the twins stop him in time by using the golden tablets of command. He and Rudyard are imprisoned in their jade suits forever by Kublai Khan.


Like other Ifrit, he is known for his notoriously short temper. The Great Fire of San Fransisco in 1906, which was caused by an earthquake, was a result of Iblis' anger after escaping a long period of confinement.


He wears a expensive Savile Row tailored clothes, handmade shoes, and has a small blond beard on his chin, in addition to a mustache. In public, he acts very English.


From Islamic Religion, Iblis means an evil spirit or devil, which fits because he is the chief of the wicked djinn tribe, the Ifrit.

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