Hussein Hussaout was the companion of Nimrod Godwin and started off the chain of events that began The Akhenaten Adventure. He discovered information about Seventy Lost Djinn of Akhenaten in the prelude. He was a friend of the Marid but like he told Nimrod, the Ifrit were watching him and it was not safe for him to give out this information. Once Nimrod and the twins arrived, however, it was too late. He helped Iblis Teer, an evil djinn, to save his son from being killed. To do this, he lured Nimrod, under the guise he was going to use the Nejeter Tablet to guide him to Akhenaten's tomb, and placed a djinn seal on him. This wasn't even enough to save his own life and he was eventually killed by Iblis. When the the twin of the scorpion died, alerting Iblis that Nimrod had escaped, the Ifrit came back and killed him to prevent Hussein from telling Nimrod anything. His last act was to hide Baksheesh inside an old sarcophogus in the yard to prevent him from being bitten by the snake again. He was killed by the bite from the snake.

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