"Huamai is a great perfumer. One of the greatesr. After our camel ride, we will come back here and try a few, and then perhaps you will inderstand how Delilah was able to enslace Samson, Sheba to bewitch King Solomon, and Cleopatra to charm Mark Antony."
Nimrod Godwin

Huamai is a perfume seller in Giza, Egypt. The twins and Nimrod approach him to buy perfume (much to the reluctance of John) in order to cover their scent acquired in their travels in Egypt. When meeting Nimrod and the twins he shows great respect to all of them and even bows to the twins. In addition, he seems to be fluent in Arabic, one of the primary languages of Egypt, such as when he speaks to his son. According to Nimrod, one of the reasons he runs a perfume shop with the camel business is so that djinn can disguise their smell after transformations (which suggests he knows about djinn). When Nimrod meets Mrs. Coeur de Lapin, he gives her a perfume bottle, which he says comes from Huamai.

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