The House of Kafur is a refuge for the djinn and is the only officially recognized djinn sanctuary of the world. Nobody, not even the Blue Djinn of Babylon, can harm a djinn inside the House. Most of the djinn who were hiding there were rejected by their own tribe or were on the run from a powerful evil Djinn.

The House of Kafur is located in Cairo, on an island on the Nile. It is a striking apartment building that is overgrown by ivy. Within the complex Djinn may not use force.

It was a dilapidated apartment building overgrown with ivy. Most people passed it quickly without notice. Ronnie Plankton is the guardian of the djinn sanctuary.

To reinforce the fact that residents don't break the rules, the residents, must hand the doorkeeper their shoe and focus word. By doing this, if one of them breaks the rules, thee shoe containing their focus word is burnt and their feet catch eternal fire.

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