"Because, my dear nephew, I can be without butter, but I cannot be without a butler. Who would polish the silver? Who would fold my linen? Who would bring the tea and run my bath? Above all, who would answer the front door on sunday when I am not home to those who wish to sell me something I do not wish to buy? Mr. Groanin is my interface with the world."
Nimrod Godwin to John
Harry Groanin


Harry Groanin


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John Gaunt, Philippa Gaunt, Uncle Nimrod, Mr. Rakshasas

Harry Groanin, usually referred to as Groanin, is Nimrod's one-armed butler. He is tall and portly, and wears a gray suit. He is from Manchester, England. Groanin's other arm was recreated by John, Philippa, and Dybbuk in the third book. This arm is strong enough to fight an angel in the fourth book, and win. Groanin dislikes most foreign food so when they travel, he brings bottled water and jars of baby food from London with him. Groanin also got attacked, and seriously wounded by a bear. He would have died, if this all turned out to have "never happened". What happened was a wrinkle in time.


Prior to the events in the first book, he lost his arm working as a librarian in the Reading room of the British museum when a tiger tamer let loose hungry white tigers in the library on the other librarians. Groanin survived but he lost an arm. Groanin first met Nimrod when he freed him from a bottle he was trapped in. Groanin recieved three wishes. After accidentally wishing and wasting his first two wishes he became Nimrod's butler so he could properly consider how to use his third wish, and to make sure Nimrod did not trick him. He used his third wish to help locate a trapped Nimrod and felt quite liberated afterwards.


Nimrod GodwinEdit

Groanin met him when Nimrod was stuck in a glass bottle in a store. He didn't buy it, he stole the bottle and released Nimrod. Because he released Nimrod, he was given 3 wishes by this powerful djinn. He has wasted 2 wishes for silly things, so he was careful about the last. He didn't dare to wish, so Nimrod must keep him around to give him the final wish. He works for Nimrod as his butler.   


  • Groanin supports Manchester City, an English football club.
  • He loves cricket.
  • He loves London's weather, although most people hate it.
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