A depiction of a golem

Golems are animated artificial works of clay created from djinn power. They are able to sustain movement on their own, but unlike bottle imps they don't really live and were created solely to perform their task.

Golems were first introduced in the The Five Fakirs of Faizabad where Rabbi Joshua explains the significance of golems as guardians. The golems were created to protect the archives though they were seen to be missing from their posts.


They were first created to protect the Jews. Judah was known to have created a golem, however it ran amuck due to an incorrect translation. To deactivate it, one would have to say the Hebrew word for truth, or another passcode placed into the golem.

Escape PlanEdit

Jirjis Ibn Rajmus used a golem he captured from Rabbi Joshua's library to create an escape plan for himslef in case he was ever discovered. While he was riding in disguise with them aboard King Solomon's Carpet, the golem was inanimate and invisible. (Despite this, Philippa had the strange feeling that there was someone else there) Later, when he was discovered and Nimrod started attacking him, he transfered his spirit into the golem. However, what he didn't know was that Nimrod knew the word of power, emet, which means truth that would give power of the golem. Met, then became the word for stop.

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