Francisco pizarro

Francisco Pizarro was a spanish conquerer that built a spanish empire in the Central American portion. He was known for his brutal slaughter of the natives and taking their land.

Pizarro's headEdit

When the exploartion crew first visit Peru, they encounter Father Polzl who has Pizarro's head. This, he claimed, was a valuable tool as a safeguard or an offering when they traveled. Two men steal the head, but it is quickly recovered, with a little help from djinn power

Coming back to lifeEdit

When they are chased by the Xuanaci, Zadie Eloko wishes the Pizarro and his men would appear "and teach these indians a lesson they'd never forget." This wish, though unconscious, made Pizarro and his crew to appear to ight off the Xuanaci Indians. Even with their numbers and war tactics, the Xuanaci were no match for Pizarro's men, who were "undead." The djinn quickly call off the attack afterwards because they didn't want to massacre the Indians.

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