Falerian wine is wine that was once the most expensive wine in ancient Rome. It was first served at a banquet to honor Juluis Caesar followuing his conquests in Spain. It is made from black grapes from a variety of countries. Unilike most wines, it takes light when flame is applied to it. It is for this reason it is enjoyed by djinn. For them, it catches light on its on accord.

Fallerian wine was produced by Nimrod at the picnic following their meating with James Burton ontop of the Atlas Mountains. The wine he created was a couple hundred years old and had S.C. written on it. Groain assumed it was from Southern Compania in Italy, and drank much of it. However, the S.C. turned out to stand for spontaneously combusting due to its flammable properties.

For humans, it mas known to make them feel warmer as both Moo and Groanin noticed. It is quite safe, despite these properties, as long as one does not drink too much of it. However, when Groanin tried to apply water to it, it had a chemical reaction.

It caused Groanin to burp loudly and everytime he did fire would spew out of its mouth. Nimrod's reasoning for this was that fire would try its best to escape from water, which would eventually be directed to the mouth. This effect later wear off, but not after the whole night.

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