An Enantodromian wish or a Enantodromian binding causes a person's wish to end up with the exact opposite. Such a binding was put inside the other dimension through the Eye of the Forest by Manco Capac. It is a phenomena that occurs after a djinn grants more than four wishes to an individual; with the fourth wish reversing the previous three.

The Day of the Djinn WarriorsEdit

It was Iblis's plan to turn all the inherently good wishes in the universe into the opposite negative ones when he created the jade pyramid. His plan was to create an ultimate Enantodromian binding with all the energy collected by the spirits.

The Eye of the ForestEdit

To protect the lost city of Paititi, Manco Capac set a Enantodromian binding to protect other djinn from finding the city. When Zadie created a plane with her djinn power, it turned into a submarine instead. However, because it was over five hundred years old it was slow to take effect. Nimrod demonstrated this by summoning a black chess piece but it quickly turned white.

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