Elementals are mini demons that live inside the eight elements - earth, air, fire, and water, spirit, space, time, and luck. The later four are considered part of the "Noble elements.: They can be released by djinn by summoning their djinn power. Dybbuk Sachertorte once unleashed a water elemental on his stepmother Nadia, with the unintentional help of John and Philippa.

When John saw Izaak Balayaga at the House of Kafur, he promised to unleash the most powerful elemental he could think of on him if he did not tell him where his sister was. Nimrod was surprised that he even knew about elementals.

Later, when John was faced with the desert demons, the water elemental that John casted helped him and saved him from being eaten.


  • An Exorbere is an elemental which can suck out spirits, and therefore likely a type of spirit elemental
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